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Steely Twins: Family Portraits: Balboa Park: San Diego

I had the pleasure of capturing the Steely family and their adorable twin boys! These two boys are so sweet and happy they were so much fun to shoot! They almost make you want twins of your own and Mom and dad sure make it look easy! I just can’t get enough of those cute, squishy cheeks!!


Rockin Lily

Lily is truly her fathers daughter, she is music.  She has to have her own personal sound track playing in the background at all times.  It was only natural to get let her rock some head phones and now she’s hooked, just like her Daddy.  I love seeing her strong connection with music, it opens her mind to endless possibilities.  her favorite song right now is from Tangled and you can often hear her singing “And at least I see the light, and it’s like the fog has lifted…”